Brackett Air Traffic Control Tower
1600 Puddingstone Dr.
La Verne, CA 91750

Air Traffic Manager: 
James Foster
909-593-2530 x10

NATCA Representative: 
John Paiva


CTAF: 118.2
UNICOM: 122.95
ATIS: 124.4
BRACKETT GROUND: 125.0 [0700-2100L]
BRACKETT TOWER: 118.2 [0700-2100L]

Tower Tours:

Contact the tower office directly to request tours of the facility.  Please do not contact the Tower Cab directly for tour requests as this creates an unnecessary distraction to the operation.

Message from the Manager:

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all pilots that fly in and out of Brackett Airport.  I started my career at Chino airport in 1992, transferred to Orange County Airport in 1998, and was selected as the new Tower Manager here at Brackett Tower in June 2014.  I’m excited to be back at a VFR Tower, as I firmly believe one of the most important jobs in the FAA is that of a controller at a VFR tower.  All pilots have to learn how to fly, and most of them learn at a VFR tower very much like this one.  My goal for a pilot’s first experience, as well as all pilots who choose to continuously fly here at Brackett Tower, is to experience a professional, courteous, and enjoyable atmosphere.  I have a passion for airplanes and a strong desire to provide the best service available anywhere in the FAA.  Feedback is extremely important and always welcome, good or bad.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss any issues you may experience here whether they are good or bad. Please be ensured I am working together with my crew to improve your experience with the FAA while you are here.

Thank you,

James Foster

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